About Wholesale Cremation Urns from Kap-Lind

Supplying Quality Wholesale Cremation Urns Since 1977.

Kap-Lind Enterprises, Inc. was created to supply beautiful, quality urns at affordable prices. For generations, our dedication to client service has brought us the honor of lifelong customers and new customers who continue to push our standards to new levels.

Kap-Lind was established in 1977. From the beginning, we have sought out partners and manufacturers that would fulfill the utmost standards of quality, aesthetic and reverence—the standards that those who truly experience a loss require for their loved one.

Over the years, Kap-Lind has continued to build on its personal and intimate understanding of the direct customer, building relationships with key businesses to become the resource for affordable, high quality urns. Our product line has gradually expanded to provide customers more choices for giving their loved ones a proper resting place. We now have hand-cast metal urns, timeless spun pewter and copper urns, and The Memory Charm, a genuine pewter keepsake. Our most recent additions include: the Cretian urn, a larger version of the widely popular Spartan and Athenian, the Roman Paw urn and Paw Finial to make a more intimate memorial for beloved pets, and our Paws for Remembrance Charm, that engraves the actual print from your companion onto a Memory Charm. These products, in combination with our existing antique bronze, brushed nickel, black, natural pewter, color-coated pewter, and genuine copper, make Kap-Lind a versatile manufacturer and distributor of American-made memorial products.
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Kap-Lind represents integrity as the trusted and reliable wholesaler of both human and pet cremation urns to industry suppliers and distributors across the United States. We strive to provide services and quality products that consistently meet or exceed your expectations, with care, accuracy and timely delivery.

Feel free to contact us for further details on Kap-Lind products, services and processes. Or call us directly at 636.717.6542.

We have been using Kap-Lind Enterprises for the purchase of our bronze and pewter cremation urns for 31 years since they first opened. The quality of their products has always been superb and their customer service is #1. I would highly recommend Kap-Lind to anyone seeking urns of beauty and quality from a very professional company.
Maureen Kane
Manager, Pet Heaven Memorial Park, Inc.
Miami, Fl.