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Quality Cremation Urns for Wholesalers and Distributors of Funeral and Burial Products for Pets and Humans

We believe in providing urns of the highest quality at an affordable price, so that customers may experience value, comfort and peace-of-mind during a time of loss. Read more about our productsRead more about our products

Exceptional Service for Customers Buying Wholesale Cremation Urns

Kap-Lind values each client, and has built a tradition of customer care and quick turnaround that is unique. If you wish to register as a distributor, please visit our contact page. Become a distributorBecome a distributor

A Tradition of Manufacturing and Selling Wholesale, Affordable Cremation Urns

Founded in 1977, we are an established family firm providing wholesale cremation urns to industry suppliers. Our customers include pet cemeteries, funeral homes and crematoriums. Read more about usRead more about Kap-Lind